JC Bunkhouse

I read an old article of how an unemployed cleaning woman from St. Louis had noticed a few bees buzzing around the attic of her home. Since there were only a few, she made no effort to deal with them. Over the summer, the bees continued to fly in and out of the attic vent while the woman remained unconcerned, unaware of the growing flock of bees. Yes, I know, bees don’t live in a flock. Evidently, they live in a hive. Anyhow, the whole attic area eventually became a hive, and the ceiling of her second-floor guest bedroom finally caved in under the weight of hundreds of pounds of honey and thousands of angry bees. While the woman escaped serious injury, she was unable to repair the damage of her accumulated neglect.

First Baptist Church

Craig Groeschel is the pastor of Lifechurch.tv. This is a multi-campus church that reaches several thousand people each week. Craig has written a new book, #struggles. In this book, he asks the question if we are addicted to social media. Are we more impacted by and committed to social media than we are to the One we call our Lord. After eight chapters designed at helping us to see our problem, redirect our attention and refocus our lives, Groeschel listed the Ten Commandments of how a Christian should treat social media. I found this list helpful and thought I would pass it along as a means of helping us to loosen the grip social media has on us, but also as a means of ensuring that our use of social media reflects the relationship with Christ we claim.

Calvary Baptist Church Walters,Oklahoma

Have you ever really though what the word worry means? The definition of the word worry is this: Anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems. I say worry is a burlap bag full ofburdens. It is overflowing with “what ifs” and “how else’s .” What after all our dieting, we find that lettuce is fattening and chocolate isn’t? How will we pay for our children’s tuition to collage? What ifs and how wills is the burlap bag of worries. It is cumbersome, chunky, unattractive and scratchy. Irritating to carry and impossible to give away!

Social Security Matters

Dear Rusty: I am a 68-year-old retired male and had planned on waiting to collect Social Security benefits beginning at age 70. My wife is currently 53 years old. When I die, would my wife’s spousal benefit at her full retirement age be equal to what I would be receiving at age 70 or be reduced? Also, if I were to die before 70 and before collecting social security, what would be my wife’s survivor benefit at her full retirement age? Signed: Older Husband

Rural Federal Funding in Jeopardy

Duncan, OK – Oklahoma Counts! 2020 Census Counts in Rural Communities are low! The State of Oklahoma is made up of approximately 86,600 farms with the average farm size of 405 acres. The total farmland is 35 million acres. These farms produce a wide variety of products with the some of the top products being cattle, hogs, dairy and milk products, wheat, corn, cotton, chicken eggs, broilers, hay and soybeans. According to Beef2Live, Oklahoma is ranked 1st in the nation for production of rye, 2nd in the nation for winter wheat, 5th in the nation for production of grain sorghum and 5th in the production of pecans based on data from Beef2Live.com It is vital that we keep federal dollars in our communities to support agriculture and our rural fire departments.
Kahler Coleman

Walters Public Educational Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

The Walters Public Educational Foundation recently announced the selection of nine scholarship recipients from Walters High School.

You can make a difference during the lonely days of the COVID lockdown, especially among lonely seniors whether they be friends or family, says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, May 22 -- If you don’t have the heebie-jeebies by now, you soon will if you don’t take precautions during this new era of self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. The anxiety most of us feel for the victims of COVID-19 is exacerbated by the loneliness of the enforced seclusion required to keep ourselves safe.