OPINION: Nancy Pelosi Kills America’s State of the Union – What Next?

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Over coffee in diners and pasta in kitchens, Americans are saying one thing:  Washington, grow up.  They know most fellow Americans rise for work, act responsibly, and earn an honest living.  Whatever they think of President Trump – who appears to keep promises – they disdain the know-it-all, self-satisfied, smug-as-a-bug Congress.

Last week, in an act of breathtaking hubris, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) used her newlyreclaimed gavel and pedestal to simply disinvite a President of the United States from delivering the Nation’s Annual State of the Union address.  Average Americans, whether they planned to watch or not, should be aghast.  

Never mind this tradition is constitutionally authorized under Article II, section 3, clause 1.  Never mind, the speech is a mainstay – on the nation’s calendar since Woodrow Wilson’s in-person address in 1913, with 95 given in-person to Congress.  Never mind the address is expected by Americans – and viewed around the world as a touchstone of our republic’s health.  


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