For the Children: At a Chili Cook-off, Rejecting the Politics of Fear

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By Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy CEO Joe Dorman

I am sure most of you are pretty tired of this election cycle. The relentless barrage of campaign ads ahead of the November 6 general election is not new, but there does seem to be an increasingly hostile, personal and, in many cases, nasty tone. I am seeing the fatigue in the faces of many voters who I have had the chance to chat with about the elections.

I have also noticed more people, including many current and former politicians, pointing out that this is the time to “take our country (or state) back,” as if it was ever taken away from them in the first place. The implication is that we have stopped being Americans or Oklahomans because one party or another is in power. This message is divisive and, frankly, disturbing.


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