Funding Education While Protecting Taxpayers

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By Rep. Scooter Park

In March, I voted with my colleagues in the House to approve a $2.9 billion budget for K-12 education for Fiscal Year 2019, which starts in July. This budget contains more than $353 million to give teachers an average raise of $6,100 beginning in the 2018- 19 school year and going into the future. It also contains money to give school support staffers a $1,250 raise; and $33 million for textbooks.

The last few years we’ve put textbook funding through the school formula. This year, we itemized $33 million for textbooks and left $33 million in the formula. We’re also putting an additional $17 million in the formula and $20 million more for education from the passage of House Bill 1019XX.

This budget is $480 million more than FY18 and is the highest K-12 education budget ever passed in the state. It beats the previous high-water mark of $2.5 billion in 2009, and even exceeds the $2.8 billion that would equal in today’s economy, accounting for inflation. This budget was signed earlier in the year than any previous education budget.


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